Ardzoweb solutions

Our software

Aside from usual web design we have own developments. It can be useful for web developers and also for advanced customers.

SBS "Web-Pro"

Site Building System "Web-Pro" is a framework for building of complex dynamic website (like Content Management System).
Includes tools for building of e-shop, mailing list, blogs, guest book, news, photogallery, pools, FAQ, forum etc. Detailed info, downloads


WYSIWYG JavaScript editor. Visual editor for websites. It works with pictures, hypelinks, tables. Can be used with any website. The code has a size of 70kb only! Distributes freely. It has ability to set decoration themes, has multi-lingual support. More info


Project management system for freelancers or small groups of developers. It is suitable tool for control and schedule of work between members of your team. More info


Content Management System. Very light tool for creating of easy blog-oriented website. Based on Site Building System "Web-Pro". More info


Simple system for website protection from badware and hackers (antiviral protection). More info

Scripts and libraries

Web scripts and libraries for programmers (PHP and JavaScript). More info